Friday, June 10, 2005 - Apache Junction, Arizona, USA

Middle Class Red White and Blues

...Back to when the poor were poor and the rich were rich
And you felt so damn secure just knowing which were which…

I’ve never been wealthy
Just simple trailer trash
Eking out a life
Full of hopes and dreams

There was a time
I had a good job
Money in the bank
Looking forward to college

But times they were a’changin
Job is long gone
Can’t find nothing nowhere
That pays anything

Money has vanished too
Bank account drained clean
Can’t even cloak myself
In the relief of bankruptcy

Scored high on SATs
Almost qualified for a pell grant
But came in just over the line
School won’t accept me anyway

They picked up my car
Cleaned out my apartment
A good thing I guess
Nothing left to take

I still got my friends
All in the same boat
Nothing from nothing
Leaves nothing

Now I just sit back
On my ever widening ass
Wondering whatever happened
To the good ol’ Middle Class

©2005 Marcia Ellen Beevre
Opening couplet ©June Reizner

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