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Well folks, here we are only two days after the coronation of King George of Republica. All hail the mighty conqueror. You'll all be happy to know that it didn't take long for King George to stab in the back those who supported his kingship for another four years. Like kings of old, after his regal, pomp, and sumptuous coronation, George W has returned to his throne skipping with brutal gayety over the backs of those who most religiously reselected him.


In order to still the rising tumult against an unbalanced budget which has the national debt increasing every time King George takes a breath, our grand and glorious leader is, once again, preparing a new budget to send to congress that even his Repubo bedmates will gag over and awkwardly try to defend on one hand while wishing it would go away on the other.

Fear not, you filthy rich toadies, you pillars of American greed and power, King George is NOT going to rescind the lavish tax cuts he granted you in his first term on the royal throne. No, he's going to do what those of us who know him well claimed he would do the very minute he was reselected. It's that horrid thing you said shouldn't, wouldn't, couldn't possibly happen at the hand of this compassionate conservative commander of corporate cronyism. Remember?

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King George is going to attempt to balance the budget by taking money from those who need it most - the poor, underprivileged, and the needy.

Speaking on condition of anonymity (while deftly holding their balls in a protective grip) lobbyists and lawmakers' aides say King George will focus his cuts on Medicaide. Yes, the health-care program for low-income and disabled people. Of course that's not all the Bushite has his greedy eye on.

Bush has always craved to pluck monies from agriculture and other benefit agendas, called entitlements. These programs grow exponentially because benefits go automatically to anyone who qualifies.

By proposing an overhaul of Social Security, Bush has already asked his GOP brown nosers to go out on a limb, risking the angering of senior citizens in their home states. Simultaneously cutting Medicaid and other programs would not only increase the ire of constituents but also the heartburn of their legislators - not to mention having to listen to the deafening chorus of "I told you so" that would come from the other side of the aisle.


Imagine the primal screams from doctors if King George decides to cut the pay Medicare physicians receive from the government tit. Do you think farmers, veterans, and the poor and homeless will sit still while their King cuts their entitlements?

But King George will do it because we all must suffer equally in these times of war and need. Well, everyone but the rich, who will still enjoy their tax cuts and look longingly to the King to give them more.

After all, why harm the rich when, as Jesus said, "You will always have the poor among you." Let them eat cake, right? Mayhaps the reasoning behind all this can be found in Sean Hannitys new book:

# posted by Marcia Ellen @ 1:59 PM
Great post, Marcia Ellen. People keep telling me King George is stupid. But I think he is just plain nasty. If Georgie is evangelical...he is one evangelical that will burn in eternal hell.

I sure would like to see more reported about that toad "Rev" Moon who spreads his $$ around DC so he can buy his way to messiah-hood.
You mean like the way Bushie bought his way into the presidency, Deb?? :)
You're cracking me up...Great stuff...How the hell did working class of America get tricked into believing the republican party is THEIR party? The book "What's the Matter with Kansas" does a pretty good job sorting this out.

We need our own Karl Rove.
It's all words and how they're used, Sky. If we keep calling it "gay rights" instead of "civil rights" we open ourselves to attack. It's not "gay marriage" it's "marriage." America believes in civil rights for all. The problem is the Democratic Party doesn't stand for "civil rights" in the eyes of Americans. They're the party that stands up for queers, blacks, hispanics, and other ethnic groups that the right attacks. But if stuck to "civil rights," the right would have to attack the core value of all Americans - something that would make them look like the bigots they are.
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