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Who Was The Kingmaker?

There are a lot of differing ideas concerning who or what propelled George Bush over the top on election day 2004. Here's the list of the most popular candidates for Kingmaker 2004:


1. The morals values of The Christian Majority made the difference. Some people feel that the American people have had enough abuse by abortion, same-sex marriage, and the Ten Commandments. They voted for Bush because he represents the moral values that all true Americans believe in and want in their political leader. The vote for moral values pushed Bush over the top.

2. The Democratic Party is out of touch with American voters. They chose a person for president that was too far to the left on most issues for Americans to swallow. Their continued misunderstanding of what Americans want in a political party and a president cost them this election.

3. Magic man, Karl Rove, who single-handedly laid waste to the Democrats with his astute campaign trickery. No doubt about it - the man is a miracle worker, able to transform a babbling nincompoop into heroic military leader in the eyes and minds of the American public.


But I contend that the real kingmaker of 2004 was none of the above. That honor goes to the unholy trinity of Rupert Murdoch's media empire, Sinclair Broadcast Group, and Clear Channel Communications. You simply can't beat the magnitude of propaganda that this group foists upon the American public. Not only do they manage to reach into millions upon millions of American homes through television and cable news, radio talk shows, books like the one published for the swift boat people, and newspapers, but their huge financial success also influences other media organizations to follow their lead to enough of a degree that there is little to no objective news reporting left to inform Americans of what's really going on in their country and in the world.

Fox News and it's Murdoch allies in print media do not broadcast news. They broadcast opinions. And those opinions come to you direct from the leadership of the Republican party. They work under the truth that if a lie is repeated often enough it will be believed by the masses. How do we know this? It's a well known fact that a large percentage of conservative voters believed that Iraq had WMD and was connected to Al Qaeda. What isn't so well known is that over 60% of the viewers of Fox News held those two opinions. This is the results of propaganda at it's best. (Propaganda - the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person; ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause.)


Fox News is making money hand over foot by dispensing their schluck to a gullible American public. Because of this, other news organizations (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc.) are following the lead of not reporting news that might bristle the hairs on the back of the Republican party.

Now that the election is over, is it still happening? Of course. Fox is aggressively hyping several small controversies involving public holiday displays that don't explicitly mention Christmas in order to depict a widespread and sinister "attack on Christmas" by "secular progressives." Led by hosts Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, Fox News anchors have returned continually to several minor stories whose theme is the purported marginalization or persecution of Christians. They quote people like Jerry Falwell. "We are winning the war on Christmas. Thank God for the few conservatives in the media."


[The poster above dates to the mid-1930's.
It promotes the Nazi charitable organization (the NSV).
The text reads: "Support the assistance program for mothers and children."]

On two consecutive nights, Fox News host Sean Hannity reported that students at a New Jersey elementary school were not allowed to sing Silent Night during their Christmas pagent, when in actuality the school did allow it's children to sing the song. This, of course, was never mentioned by Fox.

This is the kind of reporting that managed to get George W. Bush reelected despite his horrible record in Iraq, on the economy, and the environment. Because Rupert's media empire and Sinclair and Clear Channel's TV and radio had been slanting of the truth, the American people were never given an accurate presentation of what Bush was doing as the leader of our country. Every opposing voice or leader was shouted down, made to look silly, and/or grossly incompetent. How could Kerry have possibly overcome this steamroller of propaganda?

The suppression of truth by glorifying one party and candidate while mocking and demonizing the others is what dictatorships like Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia counted on to gain power and keep themselves in power in their respective countries. Is this what America must look forward to? It's happening now and will continue to happen unless we somehow manage to legislate equality and truth back into the reporting of news.

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Now, I'm all for free speech. I believe Americans have the right to hear Pat Buchanan say, "Homosexuality is anaffliction, like alcoholism." But I don't believe it should be the ONLY opinion we hear on the subject. Especially during an election.

There used to be something called "equal time" for each candidate appearing in the news. If you reported something positive about one candidate, you were supposed to report something positive about the other. The networks were held to reporting facts as truthfully as possible. This has gone by the wayside completely. When Fox counted down the days to the election, it did so this way: "120 more days until President Bush gets reelected." I expect propaganda from political parties or extensions of the political parties such as this journal. I do NOT expect it from the national news.

I'm sorry. That's just not right. I hate to say it, but strong propaganda works.

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©2004 Marcia Ellen "Happy" Beevre

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