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The 2004 Republican Convention

Day One:

Tighten your seat belt. Ready for the ride? Did any of you spend the day as I did watching the Repubo Convention in NYC?? If so, how many times did you throw up??

The whole theme of the convention is obviously going to be
"George Bush is one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history because of what he did during September 11th, 2001."

The Repubos had a great time listening to military parade music, pinching each other's asses, and listening reverently to each man with something important to say. Yes... women were downplayed. They're supposed to be silent around their betters. One thing I noticed that contrasted with the Democratic convention in Boston, this crowd was all bedecked in their finery. The men with two and three piece suits, the women in fashion elegant dresses wearing their most expensive jewelry. The Demo crowd mostly wore shorts and T's. Now be honest - which group do you think has middle class America in it's heart??

So how do you feel about the Repubo claptrap foisted on their willing listeners? We were informed that President Bush was solely responsible for acting quickly and decisively during 9-11. He single-handedly brought Americans together without thought to party or politics. The Republican party is the party of heroes, and should be remembered for their courageous actions during and after that infamous day. Every speech was filled with talk about 9-11. Even though this president said he would never use the attack against America for political gain. HA. There were tributes to the victims, many videos of Bush at ground zero, it went on and on and on and will continue to do so.

We should all cheer Bush for his aggressive hunt for terrorists in Afghanistan. We should cheer him even more so for his decision to make war on a third rate country that couldn't defend itself and had no connection to the terrorists that attacked the World Trade Center. But we're not supposed to think about that. We're supposed to revere Bush for the quickness by which the war ended. Certainly a strong leader making definitive decisions during our time of great peril.

September 11th was a short time ago, but I'm sure y'all remember that the Bush didn't make one single decision that day. In fact, he knew something happened but he didn't know what. He asked no questions. Made no phone calls. Issued no orders. (He thought a twin engine plane flew into one of the towers, figuring the pilot must have had a heart attack.) He walked into Emma E. Brooker Elementary School in Florida on or about 9:03AM for his photo op with the children. It was just after the first jet smacked into the Towers.

With America under attack, one of the greatest presidents of all time did NOTHING!!

On or about 9:30AM, the second plane smashed into the other Tower. Chief of Staff, Andrew Card waited for an appropriate time and during a pause in the proceedings walked slightly behind Bush and whispered in his ear that "America is under attack," and told him about the second airliner crash.

At the convention, the Repubos played a tape of this happening. They slowed it and stopped action so you could see our wondrous leader deep in thought. He certainly looked presidential. In actually, he was dumb-founded. He continued reading with the children for the next seven minutes. After that, he stood and answered questions for another ten minutes or so and then posed with the teacher and her class for a photo shoot. It wasn't until around 9:20 or so that he left the building. All decisions that day were handled by Cheney and Condi Rice. The Commander In Chief did nothing but what he was told to do by his handlers. He didn't get back to the White House until about 7:00PM. Then he spoke to the Nation on TV at 8:30PM and managed to be in bed by 11:30ish.

If you'd like to read the full story about this, it's here. And the movie of Bush in the class room is here. Oh, and it takes a bit of time for the 11 minute film to load. Enjoy. You'll see it's quite different from what you saw at the convention.

Soon after this, the Administration's focus turned from the terrorists to Iraq. And we know what happened then.

Day Two:
Today followed the theme established in Day 1, with a bit of slight-of-hand to boot. Not only are we to revere King George, the hero of September 11th, but we are supposed to include the war in Iraq as part of the war against terrorism. We are told to believe that the war in Iraq and the war against terrorism are one in the same. Every time Iraq has been brought up so far, it's always in context with fighting terrorism.

Do they think Americans are stupid? We've been told by various sources across the world over and over again that Iraq had zero, zip, nada, nothing to do with the terrorists that attacked on 9-11. This whole issue was put to bed by the 9-11 Commission report that stated flatly that there were no connections between the terrorists and Iraq. Is that difficult to understand? The war in Iraq and the fight against terrorism are NOT one in the same. They are VERY different and have been fought for different reasons. Wake up America before you sell your soul for another lie.

Day 2 had a sub-theme as well - Compassionate Conservatism. We heard this bull kaka in Bush's first campaign and he's dragging it out again as if his presidency showed any compassion to people at all. But they trotted out Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mrs. Bush in an effort to show that the Repubos have a soft underbelly.

Unfortunately for them, they started the night with compassionless North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole - wife of former presidential wannabe Bob Dole. Sweet Elizabeth laid it on the line as far as Repubo compassion goes - Women don't deserve the right of choice under ANY circumstances and Gays have no right to marry the person they love in this, the land of freedom and equality. Let's all cheer compassionate conservatism.

Arnold's speech was quite the opposite. Ignoring his own stand for gay marriage and pro choice, Ahnold played the party fiddle and danced the Repubo jig in a very convincing and fiery speech. He did a great job. He told his rags to riches story and explained he became a Republican because he liked the comments made by former President Richard Nixon. Many Repubos admire Tricky Dicky and they've certainly learned how to run a campaign from him.

Arnold is an old style Republican, moderate, unwilling to spend when the money isn't there, unwilling to tax to bring in the money needed. He's a good speaker, in the mold of Ronald Regan. I'm sure the Repubos will try to change the constitution (again) to give Arnold a shot at the presidency someday oneday. Mayhaps not though because Arnold's social beliefs are not those of the religious right wing which is the pulsing heart of the new Repubo party.

Mrs. Bush's speech was pretty much what one would expect from the wife of this president. Very supporting and full of slush and gush. I think Laura really has a compassionate side. Most women do unless it's been seared by our patriarchal society. But I think her compassion is overshadowed by her husband's beliefs. She tried to show us her husband's anxiety concerning going to war with Iraq. Bush was anxious - anxious to throw the world's strongest military power against a third world country who never attacked us, was in no way connected to the people who did attack us, and couldn't possibly defend itself against the might of American armed forces.

So that's about it for day 2. Let's see what kind of new gobbledygook day 3 brings.

Day Three:

Today the REAL Repubo spirit showed its face to the nation. First, Senator Zig-Zag Zell Miller unleashed a torrent of lies (9-11) and vicious attacks against John Kerry. Pundits shook their heads afterwards, (9-11) calling the attack the worst against a presidential candidate since the turn of the century and waaaaay over the top.

Here's the story on Zellie boy. In 1992 he led the attack on George Bush the Less (9-11) giving a similar but less violent speech as the keynote speaker for Bill Clinton. Zell counted Kerry a trusted (9-11) friend up to about a year and a half ago, calling him, "an honorable man," and saying he supported Kerry's record completely (9-11) up to a year and a half ago. What caused Zell's Zig-Zag? He almost lost his 1994 gubernatorial election because (9-11) he supported removing the Confederate cross from the state flag of Georgia. He learned a lesson about (9-11) who's back to scratch.

Zell is the last of the conservative Democrats to move to the Republican Party. For the past (9-11) two years, he has voted with the Repubos every time. That he continues to call himself a Democrat (9-11) makes no mattermind. If I call kaka cake, would you want to eat it? This former raciest supporter of Lestor Maddox, a man who chased blacks out of a restaurant with a baseball bat, has (9-11) always altered the facts concerning his opponents. He's the miserable excuse for a senator that slandered Cynthia McKinney with words she (9-11) never said. He did the same thing to Kerry last night.

Should we pay any attention to Zell? Nah. One look at the hatred expressed in his (9-11) face as he spoke was enough for me. Zell obviously lives out of fear and fear of terrorists attacks have pushed him to Bushie, who also rules out of fear. Instead of supporting a (9-11) man who will DO something about the terrorists who attacked us, Zell runs to the man who did little except waste time, resources (9-11) and our national reputation by attacking Iraq. Have you noticed, Zell, that the name of (9-11) Osama bin Laden has NOT been mentioned one time so far during this convention? According to the Repubos, John Kerry is the number 1 enemy of the United States.

Zell was followed by our Vice President, Dick pottymouth Cheney. Although he (9-11) wasn't as scathing as Miller, he certainly threw out the red meat to the lions with another withering attack on John Kerry AFTER paying (9-11) homage to King George. Attacking is something Cheney is very good at. Ask any Iraqi. Of (9-11) course Tricky Dicky II couldn't get his facts straight either. He trumped Kerry's comments concerning two Americas by saying that's why there's (9-11) two Kerrys. The only problem is, John Kerry never talked about two Americas - his running mate, John Edwards, did. Sooo Repubo, no? Slash (9-11) and burn without concern for the facts.

So there you have it. Republicans being Republicans for a change. Refreshing!! At least the (9-11) references concerning Bushie's what a Hero Georgie Boy was on 9-11 were kept to (9-11) unsubtle statements peppered throughout the speeches. A nice change (9-11) but certainly not undetectable.

Tomorrow we get King George (9-11) himself. Bring your barf bags.

Day Four:

And so it ends.

The Repubos laid down one paramount thought during this convention. Forget the Economy and how this president has paid less attention than any other to his own country. Forget that he raped the environment to line the pockets of his Big Business buddies. Forget that he preemptively struck down another sovereign Nation who had no means to be a threat to us whatsoever. Forget that his tax cuts for the rich handed this country the worst deficit in the history of our nation. Forget that he stopped fighting the real terrorists to settle a score in Iraq. Forget all of that and more.

The only thing we should remember about King George is that he stood on top of some rubble with a bullhorn a few days after 9-11 in what amounted to the most overstated photo-op since McArthur's return to the Philippines. That's why we should all vote for Mr. Bush. That's why we should recognize him as the strongest leader this country has ever seen. Nothing else matters.

I have only three words to say about this: My Pet Goat.

Three years into the war on terror, Mr. Bush still doesn't understand why the terrorists are fighting us. He says, "The terrorists are fighting freedom with all their cunning and cruelty because freedom is their greatest fear." They are not fighting freedom. Their reasons run much deeper than that. And if our President can't understand the reasons they're against us, he will NOT be able to defeat them. Why haven't we helped the Russians with the attack on their school recently? Is this not terrorism? And what about Sudan? The U.S. has sat in silence while terrorists have killed millions there. We're not really fighting against terrorism at all are we? We're fighting to make Bush's buddies richer.

So where would the Bushman lead us over the next four years. Well, he said, "I believe every child can learn and every school must teach, so we passed the most important federal education reform in history. Because we acted, children are making sustained progress in reading and math, America's schools are getting better, and nothing will hold us back." In fact, during this convention, No Child Left Behind has been portrayed as one of the most significant pieces of legislation ever passed by Congress. The truth is, educators hate it. Because the Bush never chose to fully fund the program, few children benefited from it. We're supposed to look forward to four more years of a failed program.

"I believe we have a moral responsibility to honor America's seniors, so I brought Republicans and Democrats together to strengthen Medicare. Now seniors are getting immediate help buying medicine. Soon every senior will be able to get prescription drug coverage, and nothing will hold us back." Bushie neglected to mention the fact that this program benefits the HMO's and large pharmaceutical companies much more than it does senior citizens. It boils down to saving them the price of a movie ticket each month. And Bush had to lie to congress about the cost of this turkey in order to get it passed. We're to look forward to another failed program in the Bushie future.

"I believe in the energy and innovative spirit of America's workers, entrepreneurs, farmers and ranchers, so we unleashed that energy with the largest tax relief in a generation." I have no doubt that in the next four years under the Bush not only will the tax cuts for his rich friends be made permanent, there will be more of them, leaving the Middle Class to pick up the bill.

"Because we acted, our economy is growing again and creating jobs, and nothing will hold us back." If you believe that the jobs the Bush administration has given us are equal to those that have been lost, you're a Republican with your head pushed neatly below the sand. How a man who's policies have cost Americans more jobs than any president this century has the balls to say we should reselect him on his employment record is beyond me. This president equates a computer technician with a fast food worker. He loses the former and gains the latter and we're supposed to believe he has done something good for us? Who wants four more years of this?

"I believe the most solemn duty of the American president is to protect the American people. If America shows uncertainty or weakness in this decade, the world will drift toward tragedy. This will not happen on my watch." I hate to remind you Mr. President, it already HAS HAPPENED on your watch. Your policy in Iraq has done nothing more than insure it will probably happen to us again. I notice there is no mention of bin Laden in your speech either. He's the forgotten man to the Republicans. If we do not concentrate on him, we have done NOTHING to protect this country from terrorism. Four more years of the kind of "protection" that fights vehemently against the truths concerning 9-11 from coming out and when they are finally presented to the American people, does nothing concerning the recommendations to make America safer, four more years of that? I think not!!

"I am running with a compassionate conservative philosophy: that government should help people improve their lives, not try to run their lives." Yes, you're not trying to run anyone's lives are you Mr. Compassion? You not only want a Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriages, you want it so strong that NONE of the benefits of marriage are ever given to these American citizens. If that's not running someone's life, what is?? I've read this plank in your Repubo platform, sir. It belongs in the platform of a bigoted fascist party, not the Republican party. You may not have mentioned it many times during this convention, but we know it's heavy on your soul.

"To create jobs, my plan will encourage investment and expansion by restraining federal spending, reducing regulation and making the tax relief permanent." This hasn't created any jobs yet. The CEO's are taking the tax breaks and stuffing them in their own pockets. Four more years of this? You're kidding me.

"To create jobs, we will make our country less dependent on foreign sources of energy." One way is to continue preemptive strikes on Middle Eastern Oil countries like we did in Iraq. Unfortunately the only jobs created by this have been gone to one company - Halliburton. And Americans should allow this to continue?

"To create jobs, we will expand trade and level the playing field to sell American goods and services across the globe." Oh you've done a great job with this Mr. Bushie. Our trade deficit is the worst it's been in the history of our Nation. You're not creating jobs through trade, you're destroying them. And you have the nards to ask for four more years to continue this policy??

"And we must protect small-business owners and workers from the explosion of frivolous lawsuits that threaten jobs across our country." The only thing this will accomplish is the overthrow of any chance the middle class and poor have of legal retribution against huge corporations that take them for a ride. Another plus for your big business buddies, George? It's not hard to see who this would help.

"Another drag on our economy is the current tax code, which is a complicated mess, filled with special interest loopholes, saddling our people with more than 6 billion hours of paperwork and headache every year. The American people deserve -- and our economic future demands -- a simpler, fairer, pro-growth system." While I agree in principle that this needs to be done, I stop short at giving YOU the power to do it. I shudder to think what advantages you would give to huge corporations and the already rich. I've seen what your tax cuts have done to the country. I've seen who gained from them. The idea of allowing you to tinker with the tax codes scares me to no end. You keep away from this George. This is an excellent reason NOT to vote for you.

"In this time of change, opportunity in some communities is more distant than in others. To stand with workers in poor communities and those that have lost manufacturing, textile, and other jobs, we will create American opportunity zones. In these areas, we'll provide tax relief and other incentives to attract new business and improve housing and job training to bring hope and work throughout all of America." We've heard all this from you before, sir. What good is training people for jobs that don't exist? When the jobs you're training them to do have already been exported to foreign countries? With all this "tax relief," who's going to pay for all your new programs? That's what happened to No Child Left Behind and why we have this incredible deficit. When will Repubos learn that taxes pay for programs??

"We will offer a tax credit to encourage small businesses and their employees to set up health savings accounts and provide direct help for low-income Americans to purchase them. Theseaccounts give workers the security of insurance against major illness, the opportunity to save tax-free for routine health expenses, and the freedom of knowing you can take your account with you whenever you change jobs. We will provide low-income Americans with better access to health care. In a new term, I will ensure every poor county in America has a community or rural health center." What good will they be when only people with money or insurance can use them? You say your small business thingie will help half of the uninsured to gain insurance. What about the other half? America needs a program where ALL people, especially ALL CHILDREN have health insurance. Nothing less will suffice.

"In a new term we will change outdated labor laws to offer comp-time and flex-time. Our laws should never stand in the way of a more family-friendly workplace." Why do I fear that these changes will benefit only the corporations? Comp and flex time put no more dollars into workers pockets, but I'll bet the house your changes will put billions of dollars into the pockets of CEO's across the country. It's your track record, Mr. President. What good are comp time and flex time to people having to work two jobs or more to make ends meet?

"Tonight we set a new goal: 7 million more affordable homes in the next 10 years, so more American families will be able to open the door and say, 'Welcome to my home.'" And what happens when a high percentage of those families lose their home in bankruptcy after a few years because its double mortgaged, and they lost their job and can't make ends meet even working two jobs? The great majority of us live paycheck to paycheck, a lifestyle you are poorly equipped to understand. You dangle home ownership in front of us like a carrot at the end of a stick. Good paying jobs will help us secure a home faster than your gobbledygook, George.

"We must strengthen Social Security by allowing younger workers to save some of their taxes in a personal account, a nest egg you can call your own and government can never take away." And what happens when these young people dip into their 'nest egg' cause they can't make ends meet on the wages their jobs pay? They'll have nothing for retirement. Then what? Repubo run poor houses and poor farms?

"In this time of change, most new jobs are filled by people with at least two years of college, yet only about one in four students gets there. In our high schools, we will fund early intervention programs to help students at risk. We will place a new focus on math and science. As we make progress, we will require a rigorous exam before graduation. By raising performance in our high schools and expanding Pell Grants for low and middle income families, we will help more Americans start their career with a college diploma." And will all this die on the vine like No Child Left Behind because you won't have the money to fund it? What good is making promises like this when you can't fulfill them? Oh...I forgot. It helps you win elections. Fool me once, your fault. Fool me twice, forget it. It's not going to happen again.

"And I will continue to appoint federal judges who know the difference between personal opinion and the strict interpretation of the law." If this one doesn't stick in your throat I don't know what will. All Bush's appointments have been right wing conservative judges who follow ONLY their personal opinions when ruling from the bench. If you allow the Bush to continue selecting judges for four more years, you're giving away your freedoms to a group of people that would change the Constitution of the United States so much that it would be unrecognizable. And they would strip the judiciary from being able to correct it by destroying the checks and balances that have kept our politician's hands off our freedoms and equality. This should rouse real fear in you as an American citizen. The separation between church and state would be gone forever.

This is the Bush plan for the future, people. We've heard it all before during his last run for office. And he did NOTHING after he was selected. If you want four more years of that, vote for George W. Bush on November 2nd. Frankly, I'd rather give the hero of 9-11 the pink slip.

©2004 Marcia Ellen "Happy" Beevre

# posted by Marcia Ellen @ 5:44 PM
Wow. Lot to comment on there. To be honest, I haven't been taking too much notice of what's going on.

Four years ago the whole world was laughing at the American farce that was the election that George Bush claimed victory for.

My main fear is that the whole world will laugh (while cringing, and rushing to build bomb shelters) when he claims victory again.

I pray the the American people don't put him in again.

And while you make the valid point that the rest of the world is telling you Bush lied, there are an awful lot of Americans who choose to only get their 'news' from Fox each evening. There are an awful lot of Americans who believe what their press tells them, and choose not to look further into anything, and question who, what, or why!
["The Repubos had a great time listening to military parade music, pinching each other's asses. . ."]

Hahah! That made me laugh. It seems as though the Office Repos exploited 9/11. That angered me.
Wow this was one very well written post, Ill be honest and say I havent read much of anything about the "polotics" that have been going on lately, its just to much to bother with. But this was an awesome post and I commend you for finding the time to write all that :P Thank you!
Anni: Thank you for your comment. I have no doubts that Kerry will win the election. The American public has had enough of the lies, deceptions, and outright stupidity. The debates have proven that. The next 3 will put Kerry over the top and in excellent position with 2 weeks left until decision day. It will be close, but not THAT close. So many people have registered that didn't vote last time. (Over 80% of the are Dems.) King George will end his reign in Amercia once again.

Vlad: As always, I love your comments!! Thanks!!

Anon: Appreciate your comment also. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words!! :)
Who decided that George W Bush was one of the best US Presidents of all time?

In the UK he is reckoned to be the worst in living memory.
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