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My dear, sweet, wondrous, favorite li’l columnist, Kathy Parker is at it again. Her most recent article runs under the headline, “Judges, not GOP, created same-sex marriage issue.” Sweet Kathy, of course, was so elated upon hearing of the landslide vote in Missouri to include discrimination in the state constitution, she wet her chair. Sweet Kathy is a right wing columnist with self proclaimed gay friends who follows the Bushie line that “activist judges” are “manufacturing” the push for gay/lesbian marriage.

She says, “The fact that so many voters, both Democrat and Republican, turned out in Missouri suggests that Americans want to have a voice in the marriage debate.”

Sweet li’l Kathy must live in a different America than I do.

You see, Kathy sweetly believes that America should be run by the majority and minorities be damned. Minorities in her America would have no recourse in the court against discrimination and bigotry. It doesn’t matter that good, clean, hard working, people get hurt in the process. The majority should get there way no matter who is harmed.

In Sweet Kathy’s America, women would never have been allowed to vote because activist judges gave them that right by recognizing the fact that the US Constitution says that EVERY citizen of the United States should have a right to vote.

Blacks would only be allowed to vote IF they qualified as intelligent enough through a discriminating and bigoted registration test, which most would fail. They would also still be knee-deep in segregation, keeping to the back of the bus, going to segregated schools, and forget being involved with politics, or playing big league baseball. The majority didn’t want those things and blacks would have had no recourse in the courts of our country had the majority had it’s way as Sweet Kathy so charmingly suggests they shouldn’t have – being a minority.

Back alley abortions would be a mainstay in Sweet Kathy’s America because the courts would have been silenced and there would NEVER have been a Roe v Wade ruling granting women the right to decide what happens to their own body.

According to Sweet li’l Kathy Parker, “Churches urged congregations to vote and, as even non-believers grudgingly might concede, prayer has been known to work wonders.” Two points on this. First, Churches involved in politics should have their tax-exempt certification removed. Second, God could care less about a political campaign, especially one where His own people are being harmed by the outcome. (Yes, Kathy, gays and lesbians are God’s people too.)

Obviously, Sweet li’l Kathy must have slept through her civics class in high school cause she isn’t educated enough to understand the reason America’s judicial system is in place. The courts don’t exist to underscore the will of the majority, Kathy. They’re there to protect the rights of ALL American citizens to ensure that they are treated EQUALLY in accordance with our Constitution.

In other words, Kathy dearest, my sweet li’l columnist with many gay friends, coming out against the courts is like coming out against America itself. Who would keep an eye on the majority if we had the kind of court system you would install in this country?

At the same time as the Missouri vote came in, Judge William Downing in King County Superior Court in Washington state supported gay marriage by deciding:

"On the one hand, it may seem odd in the year 2004 to be taking a fresh judicial look at the institution of marriage, an institution that has served society well for many centuries with its presumptively inherent limitation to heterosexuals. ... Yet, on the other hand, it can also be seen as entirely natural to find ourselves engaged in this exercise. As time marches inexorably on, human society -- its collectively felt needs and its ability and inclination to provide for those needs -- evolves.

"Certainly these plaintiffs have been carefully handpicked to serve as suitable standard-bearers for the cause of same-sex marriage. Their lives reflect hard work, professional achievement, religious faith and a willingness to stand up for their beliefs. ...

"They are law-abiding, taxpaying model citizens. They include exemplary parents, adoptive parents, foster parents and grandparents.

"They well know what it means to make a commitment and to honor it. ... There is no worthwhile institution that they would dishonor, much less destroy.

"After long and careful reflection, it is this Court's firm conviction that the effect of today's ruling truly favors both the interest of individual liberty and that of future generations."

Does this sound like activism or does it sound like a vote for liberty and equality? Please note, Sweet Kathy that Judge Downing says there is NO institution (marriage) that gays would dishonor, much less destroy if they married, as you and so many others have been saying repeatedly in the past months.

In all the time I’ve heard that argument from the majority, NO ONE has put forth one shred of evidence how allowing gays and lesbians to marry would effect the institution of marriage in any way. Without that evidence, Kathy, how would you expect judges to rule? You are correct in saying, “No amount of money or political strategy is likely to change either (people’s beliefs) or the will to preserve (marriage between a man and a woman).” When bigoted ideas are implanted in people, only our court system can remove them. Has Vermont fallen apart since gays were given the right to Civil Unions there? No. Has marriage disintegrated in Massachusetts since gays were allowed to marry? No. How about in Canada? No.

You’re position holds no truth, Sweet Kathy. You and those like you are supporting nothing but discrimination and bigotry. You would change America for the worse. Our court system will not allow that to happen. Thank God.

Sorry Kathy.

©2004 Marcia Ellen "Happy" Beevre

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