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In a few days you will be seeing an ad run on TV sponsored by a Republican organization. It shows President Regan at the fall of the Berlin wall and President Bush at the fall of the World Trade Center. The add purports to suggest there is a link between the two men and circumstances. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The successful way Regan fought the Communists in no way reflects the mess Bush has created in Iraq.

If that were the only issue concerning the ad, its untruths, I wouldn’t even bring it up. Most Repubo rhetoric concerning Bush is filled with untruths. The concern here is for the wishes of the people involved.

After Bush ran his first ad showing the World Trade Center, victim’s relatives came out against the audacity of using their loss for political gain. The president ignored them. The Repubo’s will do so again and again, against the wishes of the victim’s families.

Not only that, as soon as the Regan family heard of the plan to run this ad, they immediately issued a statement pleading with the Repubos not to run any political ads using President Regan’s name or image. The Repubo response? President Regan’s name and image are in the public domain so it’s legal for them to use both. Apparently the wishes of the Regan family are not important to the Bushites.

There are times when what is legal is not what is right.

Let’s face facts. There are very few similarities between Bush and Regan. Yes, both were presidents and both were Republicans. It about ends there. Regan, a former Democrat sat well to the left of most of the members of his party. Bush sits well to the right. As his son said, Regan didn’t wear his religion on his sleeve. Bush uses it as a mandate for pre-emptive strikes on other nations. Regan’s tax cuts helped poor people. In fact, he eliminated taxes for people below the poverty level. And, he raised taxes when it was necessary. Bush’s tax cuts, on the other hand, helped only 2.5% of the richest Americans and corporations – the people who are now funding his re-election efforts. Regan could speak to Americans on every economic level and of any political persuasion and he did so often. Bush needs to hand pick his audiences to be sure they will agree with him and cheer and no president has held fewer news briefs than Bush. If you’ve watched any, you’ll understand why.

Ronald Regan didn’t need to name drop in his political ads. He asked America, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” I doubt George Bush has the spangles to ask America that question. The answer is too obvious.

So Mr. Bush, you are not a Ronald Regan, you will never be a Ronald Regan, and unlike Ronald Regan, you will NOT be re-elected. No matter who you try to compair yourself to.

©2004 Marcia Ellen "Happy" Beevre

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