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More from the Letters to the Editor pages. It seems Mr. Jeffrey Hunt of Glendale takes umbrage at the Republic's columnists for viewing the comments of right wing conservative leaders as being racist. He complains, "The vast majority of conservatives are repulsed by White supremacist movements and racism in general. The flippant association of conservatism and racism is quite offensive."

I'll apologize later to Mr. Hunt for pointing this out, but isn't it the Christian right wing conservatives who oppose affirmative action, gay rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, the legalization of illegal immigrants and other programs that help overturn social inequities such as just about anything dealing with Native Americans? Aren't they the ones promoting a Constitutional Amendment outlawing gay marriage? Aren't they the ones who promote the widening gap between the rich and the poor in this country by their economic policies? It seems to me I remember our conservative state of Arizona refusing to institute Martin Luther King Day as a holiday not too long ago. Not until the state was faced by a boycott of tourists over the issue did they change their mind about it. Even now, Martin Luther King Day is treated more as an extra personal day than an actual holiday here. Many large companies give you a choice of taking King Day off from work or taking off on your birthday or, say, Columbus Day. Exclude, exclude, exclude - that's the Repubo way of thinking.

Like the religious institutions from which they get their power base, conservatism promotes inequality. If you don't go along with their way of thinking, you're wrong. Not only are you wrong, you're an abomination fit for hell who doesn't deserve even the basest of human rights afforded to true Americans that believe as they do. This is now and always has been the result of pandering to religious superstitions, a fact recognized by many of this country's original founders, which is why the tried to keep the church out of the state. Why do you think that Southern states vote mostly Republican now? Simple. It's because the Repubo party embraces these ideals and promotes them as true White Christian Americanism.

Personally, I feel the great majority of Americans can see this rhetoric for exactly what it is: The same kind of thinking that bigots and racists have fed the public for years.

Okay. I'll apologize now for hurting Mr. Hunt's feelings. I'm sorry, sir, for offending you, but wasn't it Shakespeare who said, "An arse by any other name smells the same."? Well, mayhaps that's not EXACTLY the way he put it, but I'm sure he'd agree.

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