Saturday, December 13, 2003 - Apache Junction, Arizona, USA

Actual Date: June 4, 2004. I left the other so you could see how long I was away.


To All My Wondrous Readers:

YES! Your worst nightmare has come true. My blog is coming back!! Oh, I'm still writing for Bella Online For Women, but I've cut down from four sites to two. I bit off a li'l more than I could chew - even for my big mouth! Here's the list the sites I'll still be working on for Bella:

  • Gay/Lesbian Relationships Site

  • Southwest USA Site

  • So that's the story. I'll be starting up again soon. You won't see me everyday of the week, but mayhaps as many as two to three days at least. I'm looking forward to getting going again. I plan to be just as troublesome as always. More news, more abuse of my right wing good buddies, more gay/lesbian stuff, but most important - more FUN! You might even see a few articles on (echh) sports now and again.

    Anyway, THANKS for reading my journal and sharing in a part of my life. And most of all, thanks for being YOU!! Hope to be seeing you here again very soon!!

    That Happy Chica,

    ©2004 Marcia Ellen "Happy" Beevre
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