Friday, November 28, 2003 - Apache Junction, Arizona, USA


What on earth are you doing here reading this? Don’t you know today is Black Friday? Today is the longest, most profitable, most compulsive, most ridiculous shopping day of the year. Today marks the traditional opening of the Christmas shopping season. Hark the Mesa Tribune sings, advertising wondrous things. God rest ye merry merchants may ye make the yuletide pay. Angles we have heard on high, tell us to go out and BUY!!

Gather your family together.
Rush to the stores of your choice.
Enter before noon for the best deals.
Enjoy running up your credit cards.
Don’t think about the bills.

Ever wonder what it’s like working in a store on Black Friday? Many start their day before 5am and don’t finish until after midnight. The overtime is good you might think. Actually, many don’t make overtime and next year even fewer will see overtime money in their paychecks thanks to Mr. Bush. No, working in a store on Black Friday and every day thereafter until the first week in January ends, is a nerve-wracking, thankless, headache that offers few highlights. The lowlights are many and memorable. Why all the hassle and bother?

Most stores make ½ - ¾ of their yearly profits in December.
One has to give the shoppers what they want.
No one cares what the workers go through.
Everyone knows they make a bundle off the sales.
You have to strike while the iron is hot.

So get out there and shop! You’re president has told you that the economy is on the mend. Prove him right for a change and spend money you don’t have today. Don’t spend a little, spend a lot. We’re recovering. The market is up.

At about 3am tomorrow, stretch limos will pull up to warehouses and stores across the nation. Wealthy CEOs and store owners will unlock their doors, step inside, smile at all the empty shelves and sing, “What a friend we have in Jesus.” Then they’ll raise a glass to Georgie Bush, thankful that most of their profits will be tax free this year.

©2003 Marcia Ellen "Happy" Beevre
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